kijvis Film Education - Children and Youth Programme

Children and young people are among the most frequent consumers of short films – usually via platforms like YouTube and Facebook. What is often missing, however, is reflection on what has just been seen, a deeper analysis of the medium and the possibilities it offers outside of the mainstream. This is the starting point for the film screenings, workshops and projects, which will take place within the framework of kijvis Filmvermittlung, the new line of programmes for children’s and teen films.

The animation workshop has been a fixture of our work with young film goers for many years now. This workshop invites international specialists to cooperate with MuKaTo to impart the art of animation in a “hands on” way. Additionally there is the special animation programme for younger audiences that is presented annually under the title Young Animation Avantgarde.

For the first time in the history of the festival we have now put together a programme for 6 to 8 year olds under the title Wasser Feuer Erde Luft (Water Fire Earth Air): high diving giraffes, objects that come to life and trees dragged through houses will surely manage to bridge the gap between the world of grown ups and that of children.
Within the project Kinder programmieren a school class will put together a programme of short films under the guidance of three experts from Österreichisches Filmmuseum, sixpackfilm and VIS Vienna Independent Shorts. The students are introduced to the basics of programme curating and learn to put films into various different contexts and combining them to form a coherent programme.
The youth jury, this year for the first time in cooperation with SOS Kinderdorf Wien, will present their own award for the third time in the national competition. This initiative imparts a more conscious manner of taking in films. At the same time the teenagers are actively integrated into the festival’s processes through group screenings, evaluations and discussions.

Programme coordination: Carla Maria Losch, Kim Lange