Artists in Residence

Collaborating with quartier21 (MuseumsQuartier), we invite one to two artists each year to exhibit and work in Vienna for a couple of months. 

The Artist-in-Residence program at quartier21 fosters international, project-related exchange and is financed with the aid of private sponsors. Each year, the program is able to invite about 40 artists from other countries to realize joint projects with the resident cultural initiatives on location, consequently promoting the establishment of international networks.

Our artist in residence in May and June is italian documentary film maker Cristina Picchi. over the last two years her film Zima (Winter), a journey to Russia’s icy north, proved successful at a number of festivals. as well as creating the trailer for ViS 2015 she will also be represented with a loop installation at the METRO Kinokulturhaus. in July we welcome two further artists in residence, who will each spend a month in Vienna: Chinese animation artists Lei Lei and Chai Mi. 

Cristina Picchi (ITA)

A prize-winning italian director, who left a lasting impression with her short documentary Zima (Winter) in Locarno, Clermont-Ferrand and Thessaloniki, is one of this year’s VIS artists in residence at the quartier21 of the MuseumsQuartier. Cristina Picchi (*1981), nominated two years ago for the European Film Award, will be in Vienna in May and June, where she will use her Carte Blanche at the METRO Kinokulturhaus for a loop installation and also for creating this year’s VIS trailer. 

Carte Blanche: Keep the dream alive!
Exhibition: Impossible Landscapes

Keep the dream alive!” is a series of short videos exploring the daily rituals and tasks performed by the people working behind the scenes of some of Vienna's touristic top spots. The loop screening aims to show the impalpable and complex interrelations between stereotypization and performativity that feed and sustain mass tourism.

Impossible Landscapes is multi-screen video installation. Snow drifts, empty urban spaces, glimpses of views from a train quickly passing by: Impossible Landscapes will present a visual symphony of natural elements and man made environments, coming from disparate locations and seasons. An exploration on the relationship between observer and landscape, stillness and movement and ultimately, a reflection on the renewal cycles of both nature and urban spaces. 

The two trailers for ViS 2015 show the urban space as a container of the unexpected before nature quietly reconquers man made environments. Shot in Montréal, sound by Bruno Bélanger. 

Lei Lei
Chai Mi

Lei Lei / Chai Mi (CHN)

Lei Lei (*1985) and Chai Mi (*1985), both regularly active and successful within both the arts and festival contexts with their experimental and performative works, will be coming to Vienna in July to launch a new project and to exhibit in the ASIFAkeil in the MuseumsQuartier.